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The Red Bird Story Pt. 2

Posted on September 26, 2013 in Blog | 5 comments

The Red Bird Story Pt. 2

…Continued from Part 1



At first, I thought my mom was exaggerating. As God would have it, on several occasions I witnessed the divine connection between her and the red bird. Sometimes it was me who was struggling and she would call me on the telephone and say, “Honey, I just saw a red bird…God says everything is going to be OK”.  Since my mother’s death, my children, grandchildren, siblings, and I see red birds too. Whenever they appear, they linger long enough in a space to let us know our God has sent them to bring comfort.


It came to me ask God for a redbird on this day, a gift that I desperately needed. Silently, I did just that.  I went back to watching television actually not thinking about my prayer, intent on being sad perhaps.  Within a few minutes, my husband whispered, “Les, look, there’s a red bird, Mama Ret’s favorite.”  He had no idea that I had just asked God to send one to me.  I witnessed the most beautiful red bird that I had ever seen. He flew so close to my window I thought he was going to fly into it.  He fluttered his wings for a couple of seconds.  Just long enough for me to notice him, and then he flew off and perched in the magnolia tree in my front yard. We watched him for several minutes.  If my husband hadn’t noticed the red bird first, I may have missed my blessing.


I encourage you to have faith.  Faith the size of mustard seed will do, for starters.  His sacred Word says, mustard seed-sized faith will move mountains.  I have learned that turning everything over to God, frees me of worry.  It’s all in His hands anyway.  I am most grateful for all the “red bird “ visitations. Whenever I see one, I thank God for the gift, for His unconditional love.  I invite you to receive God’s daily blessings.  Ask and you shall receive.  What He did for me, he will do for you.  His love can show up in any form because He created everything.  Trust Him to give you comfort.


  1. Loving this my red bird is the lily plant that gives a white bloom when ever is needed to give me or my kids a boost of faith. So thanks for letting me know I am not alone in my desire for a fleese. In Him Carolyn

    • Carolyn Shelton, I am happy that you enjoyed the “Red Bird” story. You know all to well that God will lift us and stand us on our feet when we fall down. I am grateful for that. Thank you so much.


  2. I love ALL your stories. I love this website. You write beautifully and your loving, open embrace on Life is inspiring. I am so blessed to know you. I too share a special connection to the Red Bird so this story is especially moving. Love you. xo

    • Rebecca Marsh! I appreciate your kind words and your support. Please share the site with your friends.

      I follow your posts and you are amazing. Please keep me abreast of your new journey and let me know how I can access your blog.


  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful stories about the Red Bird… I will never see one quite the same since listening to your inspiring words, and for eloquently sharing you and your mothers experience with him. Faith the size of a mustard seed…. smaller than a dot…. makes me so grateful to our heavenly Father for His love and care…. His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches all of us…….


    Dr JAS