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A Prayer of Gratitude

Posted on October 7, 2013 in Blog | 2 comments

Heavenly Father, although shadows rise in my life today, I celebrate.


I thank you for all of my experiences today.  This is the day that you have made.  In praise and thanksgiving, I offer my words, my thoughts, my deeds to you.  I will not complain about anything, because you have been too good to me.  I know that you are in control and working things out for my good. I can’t see into tomorrow, but I know that you can and I trust you to handle it all.


Gratitude pours from my heart for the wonderful gift of life, and the gifts of family and friends. I feel your perpetual love hovering over me, thank you. I know that your grace is sufficient for me to defeat all sickness or feelings of anxiety or lack of any kind, and I thank you as I receive gifts of peace, joy, mercy, and grace.


Father, as I soak in celebratory waters, the lens of my heart is wiped clean, and I see Your healing light and love in me and all around me.  Oh, how happy I am that you are my shade at my right side. Thank you for the revelation that this worship brings.

Lord, in Deuteronomy 26:11, your sacred word says, “You shall celebrate with all the bounty that the Lord your God has given to you”, and today I celebrate and thank you for my blessings.

 I pray in the Matchless, Magnificent Name of Jesus…Amen


  1. Life is wonderful once we realize that we are living

    • Special K…yes, yes, yes! Living in the moment.