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Proper Sorrows

Posted on September 29, 2013 in Blog |

It’s been a tough couple of weeks.  I cancelled my vacation due to my illness, my sister’s surgery, and the passing of a friend…


When storm winds blow through our lives, we must take time to learn the lessons and not let them come and go without growing from them. We must stand strong. Sorrow cuts to the depths of our souls leaving a burrow that can only be filled with time, love, and God’s comfort. It can cause us to take a long hard look at our lives, it can cause us to cry and cry aloud to God. However, if there was no sorrow, there could be no joy.  If there was no storm, there could be no rainbow.


God promised to give us joy for mourning, and we must be patient and wait for His gift.  Yes, it may cut deep into our spirits.  Only when we understand that God is molding us, shaping us, refining us for His glory, will we allow sorrow its proper place.  Stand, my brothers and sisters. Continue to pray.  Continue to love, and continue to trust God to walk us through the sorrows.  He has done it before, and He will go it again.


I dedicate today’s reflection to my friend, Edgar Lovelace, who made his transition to heaven a couple of weeks ago, and to his family, Dale, Tonya, Cliff, Carmen, Mark, Sonya, Jo, Phil, Ben, Ria, Camille, and Dwayne.  Continue to encourage one another; you are so good at that. Edgar left a great legacy in each of you.  You are going to be just fine.

Edgar, you dubbed me your guardian angel, but now you are among heavenly angels.  You are “clothed in white garments”, rejoicing with the Lord.  I rejoice on earth with you.